by: Fahad M

        Learning English as second language is not hard to do; furthermore, now there are more than 375 million people who speak English as a second language and the number is increasing. To speak, to write, to read, and to understand English can be more than easy, and it can be done by just following some small tips. The tips that can make learning English for non-native speakers easy are: have a strong desire, study a little each day, surround yourself with English and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

    Having a strong desire is the most important motive when doing anything that challenges you. Therefore, having a strong desire to learn English is the biggest motive that can help you to do so. In addition, the next tips will help you more if you have the desire. If you don’t have it, the tips will not be considered helpful.

             As it’s known, if you do anything every day, you will become an expert in what you do, so with English, a person should not stop studying even for a day. Studying in this case means watching movies, reading books, listening to songs and meeting native speakers. With all of the studying methods, there is a strong possibility to learn at least five to ten words a day. Also, some methods are fun and relaxing like watching movies and listening to songs. Therefore, have fun and enjoy the learning.

The third tip is surrounding yourself with English. A person can do this easily, and it’s by having books around you, watching shows and staying in an environment full of English speakers. Therefore, first, from books you can improve your writing skills and you can get some good vocabulary, so you will surprise youself after a while of reading. Second, from English shows you will be able to understand the way that the words are pronounced, and it’s better if there are lyrics on the TV screen, so you can read and listen to them, and that will help your spelling. Third, an environment full of English speakers is important to speak English, and a fact when a child learns his/her parents’ language. Before the child speaks, he/she spends most of the time with his/her parents, so she/he starts speaking as she/he listens. After a while, the child gets friends and relatives to play with, and at that time, the child increases his/her language level by having more language sources.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of making mistakes when you speak because making mistakes while you are learning   another language will teach you the accurate pronunciation of a word. However, if a person is afraid of speaking another language, he/she wouldn’t be able to increase his/her language level.Also, if you are afraid of speaking, you wouldn’t feel the victory of understanding and learning a new language.

In short, English is not a hard language to learn in my opinion. I started learning it two years ago, and now I feel that to be good at something you should never stop challenging yourself; otherwise, you will not be able to stand for what you want to learn in your life. Self-challenge is when a person’s body believes that it’s not naturally able to do what she/he is trying to do, but at the same time, the brain gives commands to the person’s body that she/he is able to do it. Therefore, don’t you ever stop challenging yourself to get what is best for yourself. 


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